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Go Bespoke With Wooden Staircases

bespoke wooden staircases

Nothing can transform your home quite like a magnificent wooden staircase, whether you are looking for a contemporary design with floating glass or a grandiose Tudor oak staircase complete with authentic spindles and panellings. However ambitious your plans, Nordstrom draw on over 60 years of experience in the trade and have the skill to bring even the most ambitious plans to life. We’ve done everything from designing bespoke wooden staircases for listed buildings to creating modern masterpieces for brand new homes.

In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at a few of the most popular types of staircase.

Straight Staircases – An ever popular design, the beauty of straight staircases is in the simplicity but many different features can be added to make them unique. They are usually the easiest to manufacture, therefore the most cost effective, and work best in minimalist homes. No landing is required if the number of risers is less than 16 or if the overall vertical height is less than 12 feet.


Straight Bespoke Staircases


Quarter Turn Staircases (or “L-Shaped”) – Similar to straight stairs, but with a 90 degree bend built into some portion of the stair which is often achieved by adding a landing at the bend transition point. Quarter turn staircases can be more visually interesting and also add some privacy and soundproofing between floors. They are also considered to be safer as the landing reduces the number of treads one could potentially fall.


Kite Winder Staircases


Winder Staircases – Another variation of the l-shaped staircase, winder stairs differ by having a pie shaped or triangular steps at the corner transition. Visually, winder staircases seem to create a more seamless transition as they meander around corners making them a popular choice for contemporary homes. The compactness of the design also makes them a great space saving solution making them attractive in sustainable home designs.  


L Shaped Staircase Sunderland



Let Us Design The Staircase of Your Dreams Today

Whatever kind of staircase you would like, we can help you plan, design and even manufacture it here in our on-site Joiner’s Shop in Sunderland. We also stock a wide range of stair parts including handrails, spindles and newels which can be produced to your exact specifications.

You are more than welcome to visit our show home at any time to see some examples of our work and chat to our design team. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us directly for more information on any of our products or services.

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