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Supplying the highest quality wooden doors in the North East

Bespoke Doors in the North East

From stunning contemporary oak doors to heavyweight fire doors manufactured to the highest standards, Nordstrom Timber specialise in supplying both the trade and public with the very best selection of wooden doors in the North East. Based in Sunderland, we are the region’s leading timber merchants and are the only local company with an undercover timber yard.

Choosing the perfect doors can be a bit of a daunting task with a huge range of styles on offer, which is why we have created this guide to help you make the right decision from measuring your door frame right through to adding the finishing touches. Our suppliers include JB Kind, XL Joinery and LPD Doors but we can also manufacture any bespoke designs to your exact specifications.

Measuring Your Door Size

Before you choose your interior doors, the first thing to do is get your measurements right. The most important thing to remember is to measure the frame itself rather than any existing doors as the last thing you want is an ill-fitting door.

Door Width – In total, you will want to take three different measurements of the door’s width. Take one from the top, one from the bottom and from the middle of the door frame. The widest of these three measurements will determine the width of your new door.

Door Height – To calculate the height of your interior doors, measure each vertical side separately and use the longest length.

Adjustments – Make sure to allow for any floor coverings and remember that doors can be planed, but not made any bigger.

When you’ve taken your measurements, you can compare them with the standard sizes available in your chosen style. However, if you do have an unusual sized frame and need a door specially manufactured to fit, check out our bespoke doors service for more information.


Oak Internal Doors

Choosing Your Interior Doors

Whether you would prefer a classic or contemporary look, we have one of the widest selection of wooden doors in the North East. Below are some of the many designs you can choose from.

Panel Interior Doors – Consisting of solid wood stiles (vertical side pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces), panel doors are the most popular choice for traditional home owners. The texture of panel doors can add interest to the décor of a room and there are a wide variety of styles available from single to six-panels that can include glazing.

Flush Interior Doors –  The more contemporary choice, flush doors come with the choice of a hollow construction or one that is solid inside. These doors are generally less expensive as they are easier to manufacture as the back and front of these doors are largely flat. They can however be more expensive when it comes to moulded high-density fibreboard doors that feature crisp surface details.

Louvred Interior Doors – A classic design, these wooden doors are perfect for adding extra ventilation to your home. Made up of horizontal wooden slats instead of panels, louvred doors look great in modern homes and allow air to pass through while maintaining privacy.

Glazed Interior Doors – Adding glazing to your interior doors is a fantastic way to allow natural light to flow through your entire home and brighten up your entire home. They’re also a great way open up more pace in a room and can feature a variety of beautiful designs such as frosted, patterned or traditional stained glass.

Fire Rated Interior Doors –  These doors can literally be the difference between life and death, helping to slow the spread of fire and smoke giving inhabitants vital extra time to escape. Internal fire doors (or FD30’s & FD60’s)  are now a requirement for most new builds, which is why make ours just as stylish as regular doors.

Which Door Material?

Oak remains the number one material when it comes to interior doors for craftsmen all over the world because of its durability, versatility and stunning appearance. It’s one of the easiest woods to work with meaning there is an endless range of design opportunities and the beauty of natural timber adds a real depth of quality and warmth to your home. Another benefit of oak doors is there excellent insulation properties which help to trap heat during the winter and allow your home to get cooler in the summer.

If oak doors are out of your price range, we also supply a selection of pine doors which are usually the more affordable option of the two. Pine usually has a lighter appearance than oak and has a more rustic look with a tendency to show ties and knots making it a great choice of country style houses. The smooth surface of pine doors is also more suitable for painting rather than staining as the wood does not assimilate stain uniformly. And, although pine is a softwood, it still remains one of the more durable woods giving you years of usage.


Oak Doors

Finishing Touches

Applying the right finishing touches to your wooden doors is crucial for transforming the spaces you love and we have a wide selection of handles, architraves and skirtings that can really help bring your home to life. There’s also a huge range of finishes to choose from including paints, varnishes and stains allowing you to customise your internal doors to the very last detail.

We believe that seeing real life examples of interior doors complete with a variety of accessories is key when making a purchase which is why we have recently launched our brand new show home. The home is divided with contemporary decor on one side and more traditional stylings on the other, allowing you to see how different elements complement each other.

If you have any further questions about our internal wooden doors or any of our other bespoke services, please feel free to visit us in Sunderland or get in touch with us here for more information.

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