Specialist Bespoke Windows in Sunderland

Using the very latest CNC machinery, our expert team of joiners have the skills to manufacture a wonderful selection of timber windows designed to meet your exact specifications. We have an enviable reputation as the very best home improvement business in the North East and we excel when it comes to producing the finest bespoke wooden windows available in the region. Bespoke means each product is made to order from scratch with you in total control of the design and the eventual finished product.

Over the years we have worked on both commercial and domestic properties fitting windows that are stylish, secure, energy efficient and long lasting. Windows are the eyes of your home and a defining element in creating the look you want both internally and externally. We can provide windows for all kinds of purposes including high performance sliding box sash windows, flush casement windows, stormproof windows and even bespoke circular windows.


Each window can also be manufactured in a choice of softwood or hardwood and we also have a choice of beadings available to suit your exact requirements. If you have any other queries about our bespoke window service you can contact us on 0191 565 8009 or contact our team directly to find out more.

Types of Window Available


Sliding box sash windows - Traditional style windows can often lack the practical functions of modern designs but with sliding box sash windows you can get the best of both worlds. Available in a variety of styles, these windows can be designed to match local planning and architectural requirements as well as greatly enhancing the the look of your property.


Mock box windows - Visually similar to the sliding sash window, mock box windows feature a top opener over a fixed pane. These durable windows offer a modern, durable and low-maintenance alternative that look fantastic on period homes or listed buildings.


Stormproof windows - Characterised by outward opening sashes, stormproof windows provide exceptional levels of protection while maintaining a traditional aesthetic. These windows are extremely durable yet require very little maintenance or upkeep to keep them functioning. You can also enjoy a variety of unique finishes or simply retain the original timber charm.


Circular windows - One of the more unique designs available, circular windows are a striking feature in any home. You can choose from either fixed or pivot opening windows as well as a huge selection of materials and finishes too.


Arched windows - A popular choice for traditional properties, arched windows can really add character to a building and fit into whatever space is available. They can be produced to match other windows or furniture and can be varnished, oiled, painted or simply left unfinished for the natural look.


Flush fitting windows - These windows combine classic early 19th century design with the modern benefits of 21st century windows to combat draughty conditions as well as poor insulation. The windows sit flush within the frame and can be easily tailored to the design of your home both internally and externally.


Casement windows - The clean, crisp design of casement windows is ideal for achieving a stylish and contemporary look making them one of the most popular choices for many homeowners in the UK. Casement windows can also be retrofitted to replace conventional timber-framed windows.

Other types of bespoke windows are available on request so please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

We provide:

The very best bespoke windows in Sunderland

We can produce these in a choice of either:

Either hardwood or softwood

Window Types:

Any, if you can draw it we can build it

We also have an on-site joiner's shop

We are very proud of our joiner's shop and have established an enviable reputation for quality and service.

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