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Three Reasons You Should Choose Wooden Window Frames

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Whenever homeowners are faced with choosing new window frames, whether updating your existing set or starting a self-build project, one of the questions that inevitably crops up is what material to use. At Nordstrom Timber, we specialise in designing and manufacturing bespoke wooden window frames that can completely transform the look of your home and potentially add thousands of pounds to the overall value. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing wooden window frames.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Nothing can beat the warm and elegant look of wooden windows in the home. You also get the added flexibility of being able to tailor your frames by choosing from a wide selection of woods including mahogany, oak or maple. Wooden window frames can also be carved, stained or painted to seamlessly blend in with your current style or even help you create a whole new look. Traditional homes in particular tend to benefit the most from wood frames, but they can also be modified to create a sleek contemporary look for newer homes.


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Environmentally Friendly

Compared to their PVC-u counterparts, timber windows are the much more environmentally friendly choice. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and ensure all of our wood is sourced from well managed and sustainable forests. All of the timber we use meets the policies and guidelines set out by the C.P.E.T. (Central Point of Expertise in Timber) and we also recycle at every possible stage to ensure our carbon footprint is reduced.


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A Better Investment

Despite the initial outlay being higher, quality wooden windows tend to provide much better value for money for several reasons. The first is that the lifespan of timber far outweighs that of other materials and can easily last a lifetime with the right care, meaning you won’t have to spend money every few years to replace them. They also have incredible insulation properties, providing 400 times more than steel and 1800 times more than aluminium framed windows which results in huge savings on energy bills.


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Get A Quote For Your Wooden Windows Today

Nowhere in the North East offers a better service than ourselves when it comes to designing and manufacturing wooden window frames. We have over six decades of experience in the business and have recently moved to a brand new, purpose designed premises which has helped us increase our manufacturing capabilities.

We also designed a show home in the new building which gives you the chance to see our work in a real-life setting as well as browse our on-site Joiner’s Shop. Alternatively, you can contact us here for more information on any of our products.  

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